Sensor Overlord

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Welcome to the Sensor Overlord Resource Page!

The Sensor Overlord is a tool to determine the accuracy of biochemical measurements made with two-state biosensors and thereby the ranges of biochemical values that those sensors can measure.

Download a Digital Copy of the Poster

Download a Digital Copy of the Workshop Presentation Slides

Link to the Sensor Overlord web application

Link to the Sensor Overlord source code

If you have absolutely any questions or comments, please, please reach out to me (Julian)! I would love to chat with you about this project. I’m also applying to PhD programs this cycle ;).

My email: stanley.ju[at]husky[dot]neu[dot]edu

Or, if you’d prefer to contact my PI, email Javier: j.apfeld[at]northeastern[dot]edu

For more information, see our lab website.